Investimenti 4.0 

Fratelli Lucco Borlera Srl in the two-year period 2022/2023 has implemented an important investment plan involving machinery and equipments for the expansion of its production capacity, in order to support the production programs of new projects of light alloy components for electrification of “Truck and Van” vehicles. This project has allowed the company to achieve significant diversification of the end markets for its products. The “Truck and Van” market, whose components are less standardizable and more complex, has allowed to enhance its technical structures, with related structural costs. From a technical point of view, the control units installed on old-concept hybrid cars/trucks were placed in the available space, consequently they were made by a multitude of assembled parts. Now they are designed on new platforms and made from a single piece of larger dimensions to reduce production costs of the vehicle and to decrease its overall weight with a consequent reduction in consumption. Furthermore, electric cars/trucks require control units and motors with increasingly higher power and larger dimensions. From a production point of view, it was necessary to purchase larger machinery for both aluminum die-casting and subsequent mechanical processing, assembly and quality controls on the products.